a few words

about Me

Growing Up

I was born in southern California and grew up on the beaches of Santa Barbara. Soon after my dad died when I was 13, my family moved to Washington and we settled in Mukilteo. I’ve been a Snohomish County resident ever since. I graduated from Mariner High School in 1987 and I married in 1990 my beautiful bride, Marni, and we’ll have celebrated 30 years this August. In 2000 we moved to Sultan where we are raising our three wonderful kids.

In 2007, after hearing things in the community, I decided to get more involved. I was appointed to a Citizen’s Advisory Panel to work on budget issues for the city and I was elected as chair to that committee. Through that committee I was able to make recommendations to the city council that helped guide the city through the economic downturn without having to gut programs or lay off staff.

mY Background

In 2008 Sultan was looking to create a storm water utility to prepare the city for the upcoming NPDES permit requirements. The city had proposed ridiculously high rates and fees and I knew that in the midst of an economic downturn it would be devastating to the few businesses we still had in town. Through that committee I helped establish fair and reasonable rates but still implement a storm water utility that would accomplish the needs of the community.

The following year I was approached by the city administrator to apply for a vacant seat on the city council. I was appointed to the seat in 2009 and have been re-elected three times to that seat. During my time as city council member I have had the privilege to serve on other boards in the community. In 2014 – 2015 I was elected by the cities in Snohomish County to serve on the Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation Policy Board as the representative for cities in Snohomish County. I am currently the alternate for that board. Also, in 2016 I was elected by the cities in Snohomish County to serve on the Snohomish County LEOFF 1 Board to represent small cities in Snohomish County. I have held that board position for three years. It has been an honor to serve in that capacity for our community. I have always had a desire to be active in my community to make where I live a better place. This is where my family lives and I’ve always felt if you are going to complain you had better be willing to step up and help make the decisions that will make a difference. This is why I am running for Congress. It’s time to start making better decisions and make a difference in our community and our nation.