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Balanced Budget and Deficit

I am in favor of a more effective government by requiring a balanced budget amendment. We should expect our government to live within its means for a stronger America. We need to be standing up against pork barrel spending and pet projects to make sure fairness and honesty are part of the budget process. We need to make sure we are utilizing our tax dollars wisely by looking at our tax system to identify inefficiencies. We need to make sure we don’t overburden middle class families but also create a fairer tax system that helps the working poor while not punishing our businesses that are creating living wage jobs in an expanding economy. Having a balanced budget will help secure our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. By decreasing the deficit, we will provide more opportunities and a better future for the generations to come.


The most important action we should do is secure our border to protect our families and the prosperity for a better future. Democrats will continue their open borders policy that only perpetuates the drug cartels influence, the recruitment of human trafficking, and losing our sovereignty as a nation. Open borders allow criminals and gang members, who don’t respect our laws, to come in and wreak havoc on our communities creating an unsafe environment for our families. We need to be able to distinguish those who want to come here legally to create a prosperous life for their families and help build a strong and diverse community. By securing our borders we help prevent many of those egregious acts from happening, we protect our families from those gangs and criminals, and we make sure that our tax dollars go to those that are in our communities that are already struggling.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation is a very diverse and complex issue. Whether it is the movement of goods and services or just infrastructure that is able to carry the commuting workforce, transportation is vital to our region and our nation. Freight mobility is key to economic prosperity. By investing in our roads, rails, and ports we are able to efficiently move goods and services to and through our communities creating a more competitive global environment for our businesses. Also, a more efficient transportation system can recapture some of the time that is stolen from our families when are commutes are exaggerated by underdeveloped highways. But, we can’t invest disproportionately on transit, which only moves about 3% of the commuters each day, even though both choices are important to a thriving economy.

Health Care/ Health Insurance

As an owner of a small business I have struggled with making sure my family has affordable yet reliable health care. It is important to me that we have the freedom to choose the doctors that we prefer and need. Democrats are undercutting our choices by forcing us in to a one-size-fits-all single-payer health care. I will fight for bringing back more choices that meet your personalized needs that allow you to keep your doctor and don’t have exclusions for pre-existing conditions. I will make sure that we have programs available that ensure access for all regardless of your economic or social status. I will seek to allow insurance to be sold across state lines to increase competition to drive down insurance rates. I will seek to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in healthcare and create a system that you can trust and that’s honest. I will ensure that Medicaid and Medicare are stable and funded to protect our most vulnerable. I will seek to reform our pharmaceutical industry to make sure Americans have affordable medications, without crushing innovation and developing new cures. We don’t need a government takeover of our health care system where we are all treated the same, shortages of doctors make it hard to get appointments, and where rationed treatments are decided by a government bureaucracy not your doctor. We are a society of diverse people that have individual needs.